Taking Office Lunches to a Whole New Level with Ox Verte

Let’s set the scene: You’re at work, ready to go into yet another office meeting, only it’s not the work talk you’re ready to avoid; you’re dreading lunch. Today’s menu is yet another generic boxed lunch: a turkey sandwich on dry bread with minuscule veggies tucked inside, a lackluster and tiny side of pasta salad, and a bag of chips. And maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll get an apple that you can munch on later. I can sum that experience up in one word: boring.

Photo courtesy of Ox Verte

Luckily, there’s Ox Verte, a catering company in New York City striving to change the concept of food for the business crowd. Their mission is simple: Make real food an everyday occurrence, and offer wholesome meals that can nourish our bodies and nature our communities. Their whole idea comes down to one thing, and one thing only: real food.

Jessie Gould, the owner, founder, and mastermind behind Ox Verte, describes real food as, “something you can tell that has been in nature, not too long ago and hasn’t been messed with too much since then,” and she works to achieve that goal through simple and seasonal food.

Photo courtesy of Ox Verte’s on Instagram

By focusing solely on catering and primarily serving lunch to offices around Manhattan, Ox Verte is zeroing in on their clients to give them exactly what they want. Their customers span all industries from technology industries to financial services, and everything in between. On a daily basis, they cater groups of 10 to 500 people.

Ox Verte’s concentration is on the delivery experience: how offices want to order, what they want to eat, and how they want their food delivered and presented. Genius.

As for their menu, it’s fairly unique. Their current offerings are based on a grain bowl, which, according to their web site, combines a simple, infinitely adaptable array of seasonal ingredients combined to suit each person. From greens and grains, to veggies, meats, dressings, and unique toppings — think pumpkin seeds, pickled cauliflower, and caramelized onions — the Ox Grain Bowl is the evolution of the make-your-own-salad, designed to provide the same nutrition as a salad while yielding a heartier and more gratifying meal.

Photo courtesy of Ox Verte’s on Instagram

Since making and serving real food isn’t just part of their mission, but an everyday occurrence for Ox Verte, they are currently on the path to obtaining their B Corporation certification. (B Corporation is for for-profit companies seeking to measure their impact on people and the planet, as well as profit with total transparency). For Ox Verte, they are striving to be a responsible business, which includes making their packaging more sustainable, composting food and biodegradable waste, and creating a work environment where employees are treated well, and will thrive.

Everything at Ox Verte goes back to the steadfast symbol and the namesake of the company: the Ox. According to their website, an ox is a “humble, steady beast whose strength has been harnessed for over 6 thousand years to provide the wholesome grains needed to keep nearby urbanites productive. Ox Verte realizes that the times are changing, especially with food, and they’re rolling with it. Consumers, their site also says, are craving nutritious, sustainable, and most of all, delicious food. That’s why they’re bringing the ox back.

Photo courtesy of Ox Verte’s on Instagram

Stay up to date on their latest seasonal menus by following along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And if you’re in Manhattan, kick your next lunch meeting up a notch, ditch the boxed lunch, and place an order with Ox Verte.

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